Rules and Regulations

1.1 VANDALISM - No person shall cause serious physical harm to any building, property or equipment owned, leased or managed by the park district.
1.2 DEFACEMENT, DESTRUCTION, DISTURBANCE AND/OR REMOVAL - No person shall injure, deface, destroy, disturb, or remove any part of a park, including but not limited to, buildings, signs, equipment, trees, flowers, shrubs or other vegetation, fruit or seed thereof, rock, mineral, fossil or archeological artifact, or mammals, birds or any other wildlife whether alive or not, with the exception of legally obtained fish.
1.3 METAL DETECTORS PROHIBITED - The use of metal detectors within the confines of park property is prohibited.
1.4 INTRODUCTION OF PLANTS - No person shall plant, propagate, leave or introduce plants, roots, seeds or otherwise cultivate plants of any type in the parks without prior written permission.
2.1 LITTERING, DUMPING, GARBAGE PROHIBITED - No person shall bring into, leave behind, place, or drop any material of any kind in the park, except refuse, ashes or garbage from permitted activities; such materials shall be deposited in receptacles for such purpose. No bottles, cans, refuse or any foreign material of any description shall be deposited or thrown in any stream, waterway, pond or lake in or adjacent to park lands.
2.2 SEWAGE, NOXIOUS OR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS - No person or corporation shall, either within or outside of the park, place, dump, release, spill or discard onto lands or into any river, stream, brook, ditch, pond or lake any sewage, noxious or hazardous materials which may render park property or waters harmful to public health, animals, vegetation or aquatic life; or which may prevent, limit or interfere with the use of park property.  All sanitary sewage shall receive adequate primary, secondary and tertiary process plant treatment prior to resultant clear effluent entering into park property.
2.3 POLLUTION - No person or organization shall cause or allow any burning of garbage, refuse, waste material, trash, or any other material within or adjacent to a park so as to cause smoke, odor, sparks, dust, etc. to pass over, through, across the park and cause air pollution, nuisance, or damage.
3.1 STARTING OF FIRES - No person shall start a fire in the park except small fires for culinary purposes in park grills or fire rings, privately owned grills or in a place designated by the director or authorized agent. The director or agent may, at his/her discretion, prohibit fires for a limited period at any location or for any purpose when necessary for the protection of park property. All fires shall be continuously attended under the care and direction of a competent person. All fires shall be extinguished by the person or persons responsible for starting said fire prior to leaving the vicinity.
Camp fires shall be permitted provided the materials used were not taken live from the park and provided fires are maintained that such burning is accomplished without the emission of dense smoke, sparks, odor, dust, ash, etc.
3.2 PORTABLE STOVES OR GRILLS - Portable stoves or grills are prohibited on picnic tables.
3.3 DUMPING OF ASHES, LIMITATIONS - The dumping of hot ashes or fire from portable picnic grills onto the grass or plants is prohibited.  Hot ashes shall be deposited only in specified areas or designated receptacles, but not in picnic refuse receptacles.
3.4 LIGHTED MATCHES, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, ETC. No person shall drop, throw away, or discard any lighted match, cigar, or cigarette within or adjacent to any park property.
4.1 MOLESTING WILDLIFE - No person within the confines of the park shall pursue on foot or with dogs, use walkie-talkies, radios, planes, or any vehicle, or in any way molest any wild bird or animal or rob nests or dens of eggs or young of any bird or animal.
4.2 HUNTING, TRAPPING PROHIBITED - No person within the confines of the park shall pursue, hunt by any means or trap any wildlife, except in areas designated for such purpose by the board. If permitted hunting on designated hunting areas, a state hunting license shall be required, and all state and park laws shall apply for limits, seasons, hours, times, and other restrictions deemed necessary.
4.3 FISHING REGULATIONS - Park waters open to fishing are subject to posted restrictions deemed necessary by the park district to ensure and maintain safe quality fishing areas.  All White Amurs are protected and, if caught, shall be released immediately.  In areas deemed "public waters" by the State of Ohio, fishing is permitted and subject to state fishing statutes.  All fishing lines shall be attended at all times.  Unattended lines are subject to confiscation.
4.4 FISHING LICENSE - A fishing license shall be required by anyone 16 years or older while fishing in areas deemed "public waters" by the State of Ohio.
4.5 FROG GIGGING - No person within the confines of the park shall engage in frog gigging.
4.6 TROTLINES - Trotlines are strictly prohibited.
4.7 ARCHERY FISHING - Archery fishing is prohibited.
4.8 TURTLING PROHIBITED - Taking of turtles by any means is prohibited.
4.9 FEEDING OF WILDLIFE - Feeding of wildlife is strictly prohibited.
4.10 INTRODUCTION OF AQUATIC ANIMALS PROHIBITED - No person shall add, stock, deposit or introduce fish, frogs, turtles, or any other species of aquatic animals into parks or park waters.
5.1 POSSESSION OF FIREARMS - This policy is currently undergoing revision.
5.2 FIREWORKS, EXPLOSIVES - No person shall possess, use, or discharge any type of firework, explosive device, or incendiary device within the parks.
5.4 ADJACENT LANDS WEAPON DISCHARGE - No person shall discharge any firearm of any description, arrow, or projectile toward park property so as to alarm, endanger, or injure wildlife, property, or persons in the park.
5.5 ARCHERY - No person shall release an arrow, possess or use archery equipment, arrows, bows, cross bows, or long bows within the parks
6.1 INDECENT CONDUCT - No person shall appear in the park in a state of nudity or commit, perform, or engage in lewd, lascivious, obscene, or indecent acts or behavior.
6.2 SOLICITATION - No person shall solicit or attempt to solicit anyone to engage in a sexual act, act of perversion, or any lewd, lascivious, or indecent acts or behavior.
6.3 LOITERING - No person shall loiter in or about rest room facilities, buildings, swimming areas, or loiter around vehicles within or adjacent to the parks.
6.4 OBSCENE MATERIALS - No person shall bring into the park, display, or leave behind any photograph, publication, or apparatus of lewd, lascivious, obscene, indecent, or pornographic nature.
6.5 UNLAWFUL ENTRY OF REST ROOMS - No person except maintenance employees on duty, rangers, or other law enforcement officers shall enter into any rest room set aside for the opposite sex.
7.1 DISORDERLY CONDUCT - No person shall recklessly cause inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm to another.
7.2 UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLAGE - No person or group shall gather in or adjacent to the park for any unlawful purpose or in a riotous assemblage which would annoy, harass, or inflict any injury upon any person or park property.
7.3 DISTURBING THE PEACE - No person shall indulge in any noise, boisterous, or disorderly manner, or in any way disturb the peace or good order of the park and its intended peaceful use. No person shall disrupt the park by loud playing of audio equipment, noisemakers, fighting, quarreling, or any riotous clamor or tumult.
All persons shall refrain from the use of obscene, profane, or abusive language within the park.
7.4 FAILURE TO COMPLY - Persons who enter district property shall remain upon such property only so long as they abide by the rules and regulations of the district and only so long as they abide by the lawful instructions and directions of agents of the district, and shall peaceably leave said property if so directed by such agent.
8.1 GAMBLING PROHIBITED - No person shall play, engage, or otherwise participate in any games of chance within the parks.

ALCOHOL PROHIBITED - No person shall possess, use, or offer for sale, ANY intoxicating liquor or alcoholic beverages as defined in O.R.C. Section 4301.01, nor shall any person enter or remain within the parks while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or alcoholic beverages. The board of commissioners of the park district may designate dates, times, or places where alcoholic beverages are permitted.

No person may sell any intoxicating liquor or alcoholic beverages on park district property. 

ALCOHOL IN RESERVED ENCLOSED SHELTERS - Alcohol may only be served at private events held in the following reserved enclosed shelters: The Lodge at Allardale, Buffalo Creek Retreat, Letha House Park West, Plum Creek Park North, and Krabill Shelter (e.g. wedding receptions, graduation parties), as long as alcoholic beverages are kept inside the enclosed shelter, and the host obeys all laws.  No person under age 21 may be served alcohol.  The host/renter shall be solely responsible for compliance with all laws and the conduct of his/her guests.

Any nonprofit organization raising money by selling or serving alcohol (including but not limited to selling drinks by the glass, auctioning off bottles of alcohol, charging admission fees, or offering tastings) must obtain an ‘F’ permit from the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control.

Please note: The sale of alcohol or the sale of tickets to fundraising events where alcohol will be served is prohibited at The Lodge at Allardale due to the prohibition of alcohol sales in Granger Township.

8.3 DRUGS OF ABUSE - No person shall use or possess any type of illegal drug or controlled substance, nor shall any person enter or remain within the parks while under the influence of illegal drugs or controlled substances.
9.1 DEFACEMENT OF SURFACES - No person shall knowingly accelerate a motor vehicle causing the tires to spin, mark, squeal, and/or deface park roadways, parking lots, turf areas or graveled lots.
9.2 STORAGE OF VEHICLES PROHIBITED - No person shall park or store any vehicle of any type within the park except in areas designated for such purpose and upon payment of parking fee, if any, set by the board. Any vehicle left within the confines of a park between the hours of closing and opening shall be subject to removal at the owner's expense.
9.3 VEHICLES RESTRICTED TO ROADWAYS - No vehicle shall be parked or driven over or upon any portion of the park except drives and roadways established for designated vehicle use.
9.4 SPEED - No person shall drive, propel, or cause to be driven any vehicle in excess of the posted speed limit on any road, drive, parking area, trail, or any other area established for vehicle traffic. On any road, drive, parking area, or trail established for vehicle traffic that is NOT posted, no vehicle shall exceed ten (10) mph, NOR shall any person operate a vehicle at a greater speed than is posted on roads adjacent to a park.
9.5 PARKING RESTRICTIONS - No person shall park any vehicle within or upon any traveled roadway, right of way, drive, entrance, or other areas restricting vehicle travel or creating a hazard or restriction for emergency or maintenance vehicle access. Parking on grass, lawns, or other areas not designated for vehicle parking is strictly prohibited except during pre-scheduled, district approved park functions requiring temporary additional parking access and for emergencies.
9.6 HANDICAPPED PARKING AREA - No person shall park any non-registered handicap vehicle in a posted/marked handicapped area.
9.7 UNSAFE VEHICLE OPERATION - No person shall operate any type of vehicle on any roadway, parking area, trail, path, or transportation corridor in an unsafe or reckless manner that poses a threat of injury to oneself or others.
9.8 TRAIL BIKES, ATV'S, GO CARTS, AND/OR MINI BIKES PROHIBITED - Motorized trail bikes, all terrain, all purpose vehicles, go carts and/or mini bike type vehicles are prohibited on park property.
9.9 FAILURE TO REGISTER VEHICLE - No person shall operate any motor vehicle, including but not limited to snowmobiles, ATV's, motorcycles, go-carts, automobiles, or all purpose vehicles, on any area of the park without proper registration of such vehicle as mandated under the Ohio Revised Code.
10.0 WATERCRAFT REGULATIONS - State watercraft regulations apply. Click HERE for additional rules specific to waters of Medina County Park District.
11.1 HORSEBACK RIDING/WALKING - No person shall ride or walk any horse upon any part of the park other than bridle trails established for such use.  Horses are strictly prohibited on hiking paths, picnic areas, or other park areas.
11.2 FAILURE TO YIELD OR CONTROL - No person shall ride any horse or other animal on or along any bridle trails or other areas without due regard for the safety of other riders, vehicles, and/or pedestrians.  Where bridle trails cross roads, trails, or parkways, mounts shall yield the right of way to any vehicles or pedestrians.
12.1 DOGS, CATS, ANIMALS RESTRICTIONS - No person shall have or keep in a park any dog, cat, pet, or other animal destructive to birds, wildlife, or property.  Dogs and cats are permitted if controlled at ALL times on a leash not more than eight (8) feet long.  All pets are strictly prohibited in wildlife areas.
12.2 ABANDONING ANIMALS - No person shall leave behind or otherwise abandon ANY domestic, wild, or exotic animal within or adjacent to any park.
12.3 CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - No person shall mistreat, cruelly beat, mutilate, or torture any animal.
12.4 VICIOUS AND DANGEROUS DOGS PROHIBITED - Vicious and dangerous dogs are prohibited on park district property.
13.1 CAMPING PERMIT REQUIRED - No person or group shall establish or maintain any camp, lodging, or temporary lodging or sleeping place within the parks without obtaining a specific written camping permit.  Camping is permitted in established areas only.
13.2 FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH CAMPING REGULATIONS - All persons engaged in lawful camping shall abide by all camping rules and restrictions, in addition to all park regulations.
14.1 PROHIBITED SWIMMING AREAS - No person shall swim or attempt to swim in any park waters, except in designated swimming areas during hours of operation and while attended by a beach guard.
14.2 SWIMMING AREAS AND BEACHES - No glass bottles, metal, plastic, fiberglass, card board or any food or beverage containers, wood, wire, or other undesired sub-stances are permitted on  the beaches, adjacent to or in swimming areas.
14.3 FAILURE TO OBEY SWIMMING AREA RULES - No person shall fail to abide by all swimming area rules and regulations established for safe operation and maintenance of said area.
14.4 DIVING PROHIBITED - Diving with self contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA diving) is prohibited except with the express written permission of the district.
15.1 PARK HOURS/CURFEW - No person shall be permitted to remain, stop, or park within the confines of the park between the hours of dark and 8 AM, unless otherwise posted or with prior written permission or for an immediate emergency.  Rangers or park agents may close any park area deemed necessary for public safety concerns or immediate threat of harm.
15.2 CLOSED OR RESTRICTED AREAS - No person shall trespass on ANY park areas posted closed or restricted.  If posted closed or restricted, driving or trespassing on park areas, roads, drives, buildings, and/or structures is strictly prohibited without a permit. No person shall trespass in or upon any park preserve without first obtaining permission from the district.
15.3 PERSONS RESTRICTED TO TRAILS - No person while walking, hiking, jogging, etc., shall enter, wander or meander through areas of the park except in areas designated for said use, and all visitors shall remain on trails.
15.4 BICYCLES PROHIBITED ON NATURE TRAILS- Bicycles are restricted to designated trails and shall not be ridden on nature trails.
16.1 SNOWMOBILES RESTRICTED - No person shall operate a snowmobile on surfaces within the park except in areas specifically designated for snowmobile use.
16.2 SLEDDING, SKIING, SKATING - No person shall sled, ski, or skate within the park in areas designated or posted unsafe or restricted to said use.
17.1 GOLFING RESTRICTED - No person shall practice or play golf in the parks.
18.1 POWER MODELS RESTRICTED - Fuel engine powered model cars, boats, and planes are restricted in the parks.  For operation of battery, electric or other model cars, boats, and planes, persons may apply in writing for a special use permit from the director.
18.2 MODEL ROCKETS PROHIBITED - The operation of model rockets is prohibited without a special use permit issued prior to operation in the parks.  Persons wishing to launch rockets in the parks may apply in writing for a special use permit from the director.
18.3 AVIATION - No person shall bring into, land, or cause to descend or alight any airplane, ultra light plane, flying machine, balloon, parachute, or other apparatus for aviation within the parks, except for emergency landing only.
18.4 GAME SAFETY - Playing of horseshoes, baseball, soccer, or any other games or sports shall be conducted safely with the welfare of other park visitors in mind.
19.1 CONCESSIONS PROHIBITED - No person, group, or organization shall sell or offer for sale any article, item, thing, privilege, or services within the park without obtaining a written permit from the director.
19.2 ADVERTISING, POSTING SIGNS - No person, group, or organization shall expose, distribute, or place any sign, advertisement, circular, notice, statement, banner, emblem, or design within or upon any park without obtaining prior written permission from the director.
19.3 UNLAWFUL SALES, PEDDLING - No person shall sell, beg, peddle, or solicit within the parks, except by permit from the director.
19.4 PERMITS REQUIRED - All groups shall obtain a written permit from the park district prior to entrance to and use of any park or facility and payment of any fee, if required.  The board, director, or park agent may, in its discretion, issue permits upon application when the request is consistent with proper use and protection of park facilities and deny any request if deemed inappropriate or inconsistent with proper use of park property.  Failure to obtain a written permit may result in expulsion from the park.
19.5 RESERVATIONS AND FEES - Facilities of the park district such as shelters, camping areas, reservable portions of park areas, and/or field areas and the like may be reserved, and, upon payment of fees, if any, the park district may reserve areas for persons and organized groups.  Failure to pay required permit fees will result in denial of use and/or expulsion from the park, in addition to future loss or denial of use of facilities.
20.1 ENCROACHMENT OF PARK LAND - No person or persons or adjacent property owner shall encroach upon lands owned, leased, or administered by Medina County Park District.
20.2 ENCROACHMENT OF ADJACENT LANDS - No person or persons utilizing park lands, trails, or other park property shall trespass from park property onto adjacent private property.
20.3 ADJACENT PROPERTY PRIVACY - No person, while within the parks, shall adversely affect or interfere with adjacent property owners' rights to privacy.

1545.99 PENALTY
"(A) Whoever violates Section 1545.09 of the revised code shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars for a first offense; for each subsequent offense, each person shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars."

Questions on the above rules and regulations may be directed to the park headquarters.