Board of Commissioners

For over fifty years, Medina County Park District has been privileged to work with dedicated individuals who served on the board of commissioners. 

The park district is governed by a three-person board of commissioners that is appointed by the Probate Judge of Medina County. These persons serve without compensation and are responsible for the operation of the park district. The board appoints a staff to oversee the day-to-day operations. The park district extends a special thank you to those who have served on the board.

Current Board of Commissioners

Kathleen E. Davis
Andrew J. de Luna
Dennis B. Neate

Past Board of Commissioners

John Moxley
Louie Bohley
Alwin Wolff
Virgil Burris
Leslie Baker
Stanbery Nichols
Jack Willetts
1965 to 1966
1965 and 1967
1965 to 1971
1965 to 1967
1968 to 1972
1968 to 1976
1971 to 1977
  Dr. S. R. Strimple
Fred M. Greenwood
Warren E. Fuller
Patricia S. Boyle
Anthony Kurlan
Linda Berry

1973 to 1995           1977 to 1979
1977 to 1984
1979 to 1985
1984 to 1985
1986 to 2006

  Kenneth Strauss
Ian S. Haberman
Travis G. Crane
Dennis B. Neate
Kathleen E. Davis
Andrew de Luna
1985 to 2007
1995 to 2008
2008 to 2012
2007 to present
2009 to present
2012 to present

Current Director

Thomas K. James

Past Directors

Louie Bohley
Barry Muha
Timothy Cavanaugh
Brent Wood
Allison Dowell
R. Brent Dennis

2018 Board Meetings
All meetings begin at 8:30 a.m. and are open to the public.

Wednesday, January 17 at Headquarters
Wednesday, February 21 at Headquarters
Wednesday, March 21 at Krabill Shelter
Wednesday, April 18 at The Lodge at Allardale
Wednesday, May 16 at Plum Creek North Enclosed Shelter
Wednesday, June 20 at Headquarters
Wednesday, July 18 at Letha House Park West
Wednesday, August 15 at Wolf Creek Environmental Center
Wednesday, September 19 at Hidden Hollow Camp
Wednesday, October 17 at Buffalo Creek Retreat
Wednesday, November 14 at Headquarters
Wednesday, December 5 at Headquarters