Chippewa Rail Trail

GPS Coordinates
North:   N 41 04' 36.222
West:   W 081 53' 38.406

There is a parking lot located on the south side of Chippewa Road, approximately a quarter-mile east of Lake Road, that provides access to the rail trail.

The Chippewa Rail Trail is a 10-foot wide by 2.75-mile long asphalt trail. Funds from an Ohio Department of Transportation grant were used to develop the Chippewa Rail Trail from Chippewa Road to Wycliffe Drive in Lafayette Township. This trail has nice wooded areas adjacent to it and an interesting variety of existing plant species along its length. This is a perfect trail for hiking, biking, and rollerblading.

The Chippewa Rail Trail was purchased by the park district in 1992 from CSX Railroad Corporation. The line connected the former B&O main line from the Lester Junction in York Township through the city of Medina to Chippewa Lake. In conjunction with the former inter-urban system, this line was used to access the park and to ship ice harvested from the lake.

The trail has a gentle grade typical of former rail lines and descends slowly from Ryan Road to Chippewa Road. The park district and the city of Medina are examining ways to link the trail into the city for the convenience of those wishing to access the trail without driving to the Chippewa Road parking area.

  Chippewa Inlet Trail Activities/Amenities


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