Citizen Science Projects

The park district utilizes a number of volunteers in its Citizen Science programs to help gather biological data on local wildlife species. Data collected is not only useful in developing habitat management strategies within the district but is also shared with other data-collecting agencies on a state and nationwide level. This page is dedicated to providing information on data collected throughout the year.

Audubon Spring Bird Walks
This annual series began in 1932 to study and document migratory bird species. The project has grown into a partnership between many Northeast Ohio park districts, Audubon groups, and other organizations. Walks take place over the course of six weeks from April through May with surveys occurring on the same day, time, and on the same trail every walk. Click here for results of the 2023 survey. 

Bluebird Nest Box Monitoring Survey
Volunteers monitor nest boxes throughout the park district on a weekly basis during the nesting season of March through August. They record data related to the activity of bluebirds and other beneficial cavity-nesting birds and inspect the boxes for pest invasion and maintenance concerns. A final count of numbers and species of birds raised successfully in each box is sent to the Ohio Bluebird Society, an organization dedicated to the preservation of native cavity-nesting birds. Click here for results of the 2023 survey.

Butterfly Survey
This survey is part of The Ohio Lepidopterists Long-Term Monitoring of Ohio Butterflies. Volunteers walk along designated trails at Oenslager Nature Center, Letha House Park, and Killbuck Lakes to record the numbers and species of butterflies they see. Click on the park names to view 2023 results.

Project FeederWatch
Volunteers watch and record birds they see at the bird feeders at Oenslager Nature Center and Susan Hambley Nature Center once or twice a week. This survey runs from mid-November to the first week of April. The information at the end of the season is sent to Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Click on the park name to read the results of the 2023/24 survey: Susan Hambley Nature Center or Oenslager Nature Center.

FrogWatch USA is a citizen science program that provides individuals, groups, and families opportunities to learn about wetlands in their communities by reporting on the calls of local frogs and toads. Click here for the 2023 survey results.