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field studies

These engaging and educational field studies for children can be done right in your own


fun nature activities

Enjoy learning about nature with the whole family! Kids and adults alike will enjoy these activities.


Aquatic Ecosystems

Earth's Foundations


Focus on Food Chains

Fossil Adaptations

Learning About Leaves

Life Cycles

Seasonal Discoveries

What's Wild


Backyard Bug Scavenger Hunt

Winter Bird Watching

It Looks Like Spilt Milk Creativity Book

Hike & Seek: Green Things in Winter

Hike & Seek: Which Twig?

Hike & Seek: What's That Scat?

Hike & Seek: Snow Bugs

Hike & Seek: Animal Homes

Hike & Seek: Know Your Bark

Hike & Seek: Avian Evidence

Nocturnal Animal Bingo

What's Wild?

Take a Hike Scavenger Hunt

Letters in Nature Hunt

Animal Tracks Hunt

Tail Matching


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Visit our YouTube channel to see a complete playlist of our nature education videos.


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Medina County Park District’s naturalists bring fun and education to your classroom through segments about the wild animals and plants of Medina County. Other shows will take you around the world, while we will connect you with the wonders in your own backyard.

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Whether you explore your backyard or a local park, there are exciting things to discover in nature. Here are some nature findings park district naturalists have shared on social media. Use the white arrows on the images to scroll through over 20 discoveries!