Wolf Creek Environmental Center School Programs

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The environmental education curriculum is designed to meet criteria outlined in the content themes for science under the Ohio Content Standards for Education. Our goal is to help you enhance your curricular studies with practical application in the natural environment with a dedicated team of naturalists that actively engages your students in learning and fosters in them an appreciation for the natural world.

At Wolf Creek Environmental Center, children can discover the wonder of nature and have learning become an adventure . . .

In 1975, Mrs. Ruth Oenslager donated her 103-acre farm in Sharon Township to Medina County Park District. Mrs. Oenslager stipulated that the use of the property: ". . . shall stress outdoor education and encourage educational classes in its use of said land as a public park." The park district graciously accepted the gift and has been managing the property since 1975 -- using it as an outdoor education center.

The park district felt that development of a wide variety of habitat areas on the property was important to the education process. Over the years, the land has been managed to include forests, meadows, deep-water ponds, pine plantations, and wetlands.

Sensing the need for a facility to offer environmental education programs, in 1994 the park district began the development of plans for an outdoor education facility. In 1995, a group of teachers from Medina County participated in the early planning stage, offering suggestions as to what would be needed on the property to enhance classroom curriculum. In 1996, the park board of commissioners approved the establishment of a site advisory committee to make recommendations regarding the development of the property.

On October 7, 2000, the Wolf Creek Environmental Center officially opened. The building includes a classroom for formal instruction, a lab room for detailed studies, restrooms, offices, and a central gathering area for groups coming to the site.

The center is open Tuesday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from Noon to 5 p.m. The site is closed on Mondays. Since Wolf Creek is a wildlife sanctuary, we are endeavoring to minimize disturbance to the natural communities. For that reason, pets, fishing, and picnicking are not permitted.

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