Granger Wetlands Wildlife Sanctuary – New Discoveries Await

Help create a lasting legacy for your community.

A Plan with a Purpose

Medina County Park District planning staff has created the above plan for the development of the entrance area to the new wildlife sanctuary. A parking lot and trail will be added as it is prepared for opening to the public. The new trail will lead to the proposed covered bridge. On the other side of the bridge (crossing the Granger Ditch), visitors will explore trails winding through the restored wetlands. The covered bridge will create a unique experience for visitors to the wildlife sanctuary.

Granger Wetlands Wildlife Sanctuary, located at 4023 Beachler Road in Granger, is one of the newest Medina County park sites. As a mitigation project, Ohio Wetlands Foundation restored the area to a wetlands habitat, and then donated the 150-acre site to the park district. The park district acquired just over 13 acres adjacent to Beachler Road for the park entrance.

This area of Granger Township has a rich history. Granger’s wetlands stretch in a swath across much of the township. Can you imagine farming in muck? The swampland had to be drained and in order to do so, the Granger Ditch was dug to allow the muck land to be farmed. (The reason for the restoration work.) Specifically, the park’s 150 acres of wetlands was known for dairy farming, growing potatoes, and training horses on a race track on the property. The community looked forward to picnics and horse racing at the track nearly
every Sunday in the summer. It was quite the social event!

Friends of Medina County Parks is sponsoring the construction of a covered bridge to enhance the entrance to the hiking-trail system that will lead park visitors through the wetlands. Due to the sensitive habitat, pets will not be permitted and development will include parking, a rest room, and natural-surface trails.

The wetland is home of a wide variety of wetland-loving species. Much like the restored wetland area on the north end of Buckeye Woods Park, this site will popular for hikers, bird watchers, photographers, and others. Over the years, as the wetland habitat flourishes, there will be many opportunities for new discoveries each time a visitor returns to walk the trails.