Learning Resources


Medina County Park District's naturalist staff developed several engaging and educational field studies for children who are now learning from home. Click on the bold titles to download the worksheets.

Aquatic Ecosystems - Explore life in the aquatic ecosystems of Medina County.

Earth's Foundations - Earth’s Foundations is a study of what our world is built upon.

Eco-Interactions - Learn how animals interact with their environments. Interactions are how animals either use or change the world around them.

Focus on Food Chains - In the Focus on Food Chains field study, discover how animals and plants depend on each other to survive.

Fossil Adaptations - In this field study, we learn that all living things need: food, water, shelter, and space.

Learning About Leaves - Learn leaf shapes, why leaves change color, and more in this fun study.

Life Cycles - A life cycle is a series of changes that a living thing experiences during the course of its life as it is born, grows, and develops into an adult.

Seasonal Discoveries - Plants and animals also change how they live and behave to better survive in each season.

What's Wild - In the What’s Wild field study, we learn that in order for an animal to be truly wild, it has to be able to find all of these things by itself.


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Learn about nature -- while having fun! The whole family can participate in these nature activities and games! Click on the bold titles to download the activity sheets.

Hike & Seek: Which Twig?

Hike & Seek: What's That Scat?

Hike & Seek: Snow Bugs

Hike & Seek: Animal Homes

Hike & Seek: Know Your Bark

Hike & Seek: Avian Evidence

Nocturnal Animal Bingo

What's Wild?

Take a Hike Scavenger Hunt

Letters in Nature Hunt

Animal Tracks Hunt

Tail Matching