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November 4, 2019

Repair work on the pond at Plum Creek Park South will begin this week. Earlier this year, the pond sprang a leak, causing the water to drain out. The pond will be restocked with fish in the spring after it has had a chance to refill.

October 30, 2019
Maintenance has shut off/winterized water systems at park sites with outdoor water due to the potential of freezing pipes over the winter months.

August 30, 2019

Water Level at Hubbard Valley Lake to be Lowered for Dam Inspection

The last time anyone had a good look inside the flood-control structure at Hubbard Valley Park was, likely, when the dam was built there 40 years ago. Thanks to new laser technology, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District soon will have a 3-D image of the interior of the water flow system, helping ensure the future integrity of the dam and spillway.

Hubbard Valley Park’s 21-acre lake was constructed as one of eight flood-control sites in the Chippewa Subdistrict of MWCD -- following a series of 20th-century floods that wreaked havoc on Ohio. The lake and spillway were designed to collect and hold back water to protect downstream property and communities during times of heavy rain and snow melt.

Medina County Park District opened Hubbard Valley Park in 1981. It’s home to the only dam in the Chippewa Subdistrict that doubles as a park -- offering the public the twin bonus of flood protection plus a natural recreational area for hiking, fishing, boating, and more. While MWCD manages the dam and spillway, the park district maintains the balance of the park.

In order to examine the interior of the flood-control structure, the lake’s water level will be significantly lowered, beginning Sept. 3. David Kopchak, Chippewa Project Coordinator with MWCD, will open a control valve on a 16-inch drain pipe that extends 20-30 feet into the lake. He’ll carefully monitor the water level with the intention of leaving a large enough pool in the lake for fish and other aquatic life.

That will allow the concrete riser at the south end of the lake, as well as the 42-inch-wide outlet pipe that runs for 236 feet under the 55-foot-tall dam, to dry out. The contractor, GPD Group, will use a laser to scan the inside of the riser and pipe. The laser provides more exact data than a camera and is safer than sending a person inside to make a visual inspection. The exact measurements produced by the laser will provide a baseline for future scans, allowing MWCD to detect even the most minute changes in the structure that may telegraph bigger problems down the road.

The work is weather-dependent, but the entire project should be completed within about a week, Kopchak said. Hubbard Valley Lake then will be allowed to refill.

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Warning Flag System in Place at Chippewa Lake

The warning flag system alerts boaters and swimmers to water conditions at Chippewa Lake due to harmful algal blooms or other safety concerns.

flag warning color graphic