Trekking Through Autumn

Trekking Through Autumn is a self-guided hiking program that allows you to discover the beauty of autumn in the Medina County parks. Participants who hike at least eight (8) of the designated trails will receive an award. Backpacks are awarded the first year, and hiking pins will be awarded for successive years. Awards are free for Medina County residents. Out-of-county residents pay $10 for the backpack and $3 for a hiking pin.

Download the 2021 Trekking form HERE.


This is my first year doing the program; can I get a pin instead of a backpack?

Pins are ordered based on the number of people expected to return to complete the program after having received their first-year backpacks. We need to ensure we have enough pins for those who have earned them. However, after the deadline for picking up current year awards has passed (February 28 of following year), participants are welcome to contact Wolf Creek to see if there are any remaining pins they may purchase. Pins may only be purchased by those who have completed the program. Pins may not be purchased by non-participants.

I have completed the Trekking through Autumn program for many years, but my backpack has been lost or damaged. Can I get a replacement?

Replacement backpacks may only be purchased once the current year program award pick up deadline has passed (February 28 of following year). Once we verify your participation, you may purchase a replacement backpack at the same cost as a non-resident, first-time participant.

I have completed the Trekking through Autumn program for many years, but for some reason, I do not have all of the pins I should have. Can I get replacement pins from previous years?

Yes, once we verify your participation for the year you do not have a pin for, you are welcome to purchase a pin at the same cost as a non-resident participant, provided we still have pins for the year in question.

Can I purchase a pin or a backpack if I haven’t completed the program?

No, pins and backpacks are awards for those who have completed the program. Awards are not sold to those who have not completed the program.

I completed the program and have received my awards; can I purchase additional awards?

No, awards are limited to one per person. The only time you can request additional awards is if yours have been lost or damaged. (See above for guidelines on purchasing lost/damaged awards.)