Holmesbrook Park

Park Location:
660 College Street
Wadsworth, OH 44281

GPS Coordiates:
North: 41.026289778476404
West: 81.74921613006885

Park acreage: 58.3
Bodies of water: .5-acre pond

Please note 5/17/23: The pond at Holmesbrook Park in Wadsworth was drained so crews may make inspections in preparation for dredging the pond. Dredging the pond will increase the depth and allow the park district to make improvements for fishing access. Natural resource staff, with help from volunteer Jeff Deluca, waded into deep muck and thick mats of algae and duckweed to rescue fish from the small pond. The pond has been silting in over the years, and the park district dropped the water level to determine the extent of the problem and investigate solutions. The fish were netted out of the pond and transported to the fishing pond at nearby River Styx Park. In addition to about a dozen nice largemouth bass, hundreds of bluegill were captured and moved. Numerous painted turtles and frogs were also picked up in the net and released back into the pond at Holmesbrook Park.Stay tuned to social media for updates. Thank you for your patience.

In May of 2022, Medina County Park District (MCPD) signed a 50-year lease agreement with the city of Wadsworth to operate Holmesbrook Park as a county park. Holmesbrook Park is located on College Street near the intersection of College and Leatherman roads. Although Friedt Park is in close proximity to Holmesbrook Park on Leatherman Road, it is not included in the lease agreement.

MCPD will be responsible for daily management and capital improvements at Holmesbrook. The 58.3-acre site is the largest park in Wadsworth and includes a pond, streams, a .41 mile paved trail, and several nature trails. Park district staff will develop a master plan for Holmesbrook Park by year's end -- to include planned improvements and possible additions based on terrain, accessibility, and other factors consistent with the park district’s mission and industry best-practices. The park district looks forward to directly serving the residents of Wadsworth via this mutually-beneficial agreement.