Board of Commissioners
Kathleen E. Davis
Andrew J. de Luna
Dennis B. Neate

Nathan D. Eppink, Director
Thomas K. James, Capital Projects Coordinator
Pamela Berry Chaney, Business Manager
Donna J. Schrader Fonner, Administrative Secretary
Jaymi B. Poindexter, Clerk/Receptionist
Jill M. Teubl, Public Information Manager,
  Part Time

John R. Gladden, Communications Coordinator,
  Part Time

Hayley B. Bondi, Park Planner

Rick Perry, Operations Manager
Joseph R. Hokes, Foreman
Brett J. Davis, Site Supervisor
Lawrence E. Funai, Maintenance Worker II
Michael J. Creswell, Maintenance Worker II
Robert J. Nowell, Site Supervisor

James N. Culler, Maintenance Worker I
Nathan J. Maynard, Park Laborer
Cory D. Schultz, Park Laborer
Allie N. Wingfield, Park Laborer
Jerry D. Kingsley, Park Laborer

Land Management
James C. Spetz, Natural Resource Manager
Travis M. Morton, Natural Resource Technician
Derrick D. Cooper, Natural Resource Technician

Shelley A. Tender, Interpretive Services Manager
Mark D. Ludwig, Naturalist
Clair M. Bailey, Naturalist
Nichole T. Schill, Naturalist
Natalie M. Moore, Naturalist
Mary Beth Clausing, Volunteer Coordinator, Part Time

David A. Swinehart, Chief Ranger
Robert J. Weidig, Ranger
Andrew J. Kellar, Ranger
Matthew A. Pettry, Ranger
Brett J. Davis, Ranger, Part Time
Rex A. Asmann, Ranger, Part Time

Each summer, students are hired to assist with maintenance of the parks and various land-management activities as natural resource and planning interns.