Granger Wetlands Wildlife Sanctuary

4023 Beachler Road
Medina OH 44256 (Granger Township)
Download Trail Map (although the map shows a restroom, that is a future amenity)  
1.31 mile Nature Trail (difficulty: moderate)  
163 acres


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As a mitigation project, Stream + Wetlands Foundation purchased the land in 2006 and restored the area, building a forested wetland. In 2019, Stream + Wetlands Foundation donated its 150 acres to the park district. Simultaneously, the park district purchased just over 13 acres off Beachler Road for the public entrance, increasing the wildlife sanctuary’s total acreage to 163.

Due to the sensitive habitat and classification as a wildlife sanctuary, pets and biking are not permitted at this site. The mowed trail is 1.31 miles long. It will remain a mowed trail due to a restrictive conservation easement on the property. The short stone trail from the parking lot to the covered bridge is considered accessible; it is approximately 411 feet in length.

This area of Granger Township has a rich history. Granger’s wetlands stretch in a swath across much of the township. Research completed by MCPD Volunteer JoAnn Boruvka tells us the site regularly hosted horse races in the 1890s. Farming operations over the years in this area included potatoes, dairy cows, and table vegetables. In order for the land to be farmed, the swampland was drained into the Granger Ditch.

MCPD’s nonprofit partner, Friends of Medina County Parks, Inc. invested more than $200,000 in Granger Wetlands Wildlife Sanctuary, specifically to help fund the covered bridge, its concrete abutments, and the parking lot. The abutments from an old farm bridge are still present, though, as a reminder of days gone by. Many community members also contributed funds. A plaque with donor names is mounted near the covered bridge. This is the first MCPD site with a covered pedestrian bridge, which creates a unique experience for visitors as they enter the wildlife sanctuary.

The wetland is home to a wide variety of wetland-loving species. Much like the restored wetland area on the north end of Buckeye Woods Park, this site will be popular for hikers, bird watchers, photographers, and others. Over the years, as the wetland habitat flourishes, there will be many opportunities for new discoveries each time a visitor returns to walk the trail.

Granger Wetlands Wildlife Sancutary Activities/Amenities